Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CHEVRON is lame

This is a video produced by Trouble and Maker New Media Group that I was brought on to help with Production Assistance and Audio work. It spoofs the highly controversial investment practices of Chevron, who claimed to have invested millions in renewable energy resources, but conveniently concealed the fact that they are investing billions more in oil, and especially that the renewable energy will actually be used to support its oil investment strategies.

It was a great experience and tons of fun working with my childhood friend Peter Brusik, who founded Trouble and Maker and its affiliated brand Smart Bubble Society. Using the latest in tech and staying prevalent to the most current of social issues and pop culture, they are among the best in North America at producing consciously aware advertainment and webmercials for the thinking and actively engaged society.

The video was initially produced as an entry into a film contest for creative approaches to creating awareness on controversial new world topics. Since then, it has gained popularity through numerous views on Youtube, Facebook, and also featured on Funny or Die! Check it out here as well: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/0241306030/chevron-is-lame?rel=player

Amazing work, Trouble and Maker! Check out all of their projects at their website here: http://www.troubleandmaker.com/

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tights and Fights: The Superhero Channel

Catch all the super hilarity of Season 2, "Ashes" here!
Stay tuned for ongoing episodes to follow the villainy of Evil Trojan Borscht, Leopard Woman, Major Faultline, The Plumber and Fantabulous Gal!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Schooled

I wouldn't call this the kind of blog that is often updated, because it is the furthest thing from that. My ability to sit down at my computer and have something insightful to say is cut to a minimal due to the busy activity I call living my life. Turn off the Xbox360 and get out there, shut-ins! It's not that scary out.
But actually getting out there and meeting new people, and in my specific case, through working for a production company on their web series, definitely demystifies things we always used to wonder about.

I always wondered what it takes to make films/media, in any form. And as broad a scope as that description of product is (film/media), it generally boils down to TCB....just Takin Care of Business. After working on-set for a few long 14 hour days, I can tell you that, as much as you definitely and without question absolutely need the technical proficiency background in whatever you claim your role on the team is (whether it be Director of Photography, Producer, Production Manager, Art Director, Performance or Director), the rest is just making it all up as you go, and having a dedicated team that are all thinking on the same wavelength.

I've watched countless documentaries, how-to's, cinema secret shows, and read my fair share of material on the same subject matter. In each project, when someone on the crew is asked of their profession and how they made things work in their particular contribution to the project, it was described with a machismo notion that only their personal technical know-how could have accomplished certain feats; glorifying that they were the only one qualified to have made possible what you as the audience saw on screen (or on your smartphone while on the bus). And for good reason! They are being interviewed because we are fans of the end product, and are mystified about how it was all pulled off. And that professional is, well, just that: a professional. And so they should very well put their craft high up on a pedestal because they are just as proud of it and work their entire lives on this craft.
But it is not rocket science (unless it was a scene involving the help of NASA when filming Apollo 13, in which case it is definitely rocket science). I see now that film-makers (as broad of a term that is, as well; in my case I use it to refer to the crew as a whole on any film/media project) just kind of improvise and make it all up as they go along. It isn't a mystery of how to create the vision of the project. You need a prop tail end of a bus? You probably just get some wood, steel, screws and paint, head to your friend's workshop basement and make a miniature, or if budgeting allows it, Google prop makers in the city and hire them to do it for you.
You need smoke to come out of that bus? Get a CO2 can with a hose and spray the hell out of it when camera is rolling.

It's up to you to make your creativity come to fruition. Just make it all up (but with incredible level of safety). There's no formula out there in the film world saying how to do it. Listen to the advice of those professionals, but not the parts where they say that only they could have done that and they are on a professional level you can't reach. BS. They just used the same products at Dollarama and No Frills to simulate the special effects that you have in your house right now.

The best film-makers out there will be the ones who treat you as part of the team, and show you that they are just as improvisational as everyone else. They just wanna git'r done.

Alright, nuff said for today.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My buddy Ian Kim (who is a craaaaaazzzy artist by the way; check out his stuff at http://www.iankim.net/love.html) just posted this new video from OK GO on Facebook, so I figured I pass the message along. I love music videos from OK GO, and didnt realize they had a new one out. Had to watch it, cuz they have the sickest, most creative music videos ever, full of WTF moments and how-the-hell-did-they-pull-that-off choreography. Those dogs are too awesome!!

OK GO - White Knuckles:

And another amazing music video from OK GO - This Too Shall Pass:

On Set starting this Friday! Tights and Fights

This one is completely outta left field, but I was referred to do some on-set work with a production company called Gopher X! They specialize in shooting short film and short form media, focusing on the online audience. Some work they have produced include a comedy web series called Team Leader, which was signed by an international distributor, and also aired on Movieola: The Short Film Channel back in 2008.

They contacted me to do Production Assistance on a few days of shooting for their web-series, Tights and Fights, which is beginning shooting of their second season this Saturday Sept 25th, 2010. So yeah, it will be a bit of grunt work including transporting film equipment like cameras and lighting, and helping with set preparation. But hey, everyones gotta start somewhere, and having actual on-set experience came way faster than I was expecting ( I thought it took a couple years or something)....looks like film makers always need a helping hand wherever they can get it :)

As per their site description, Tights and Fights is a video diary comedy series that peeks into lives of super heroes.
Time to get my fuckin game face on! (spoken a la Matt Damon in The Green Zone)
Watch more Tights and Fights

Check out their website here!

Remember Canadian Talent: Jeff Healey

From time to time my blog will stray from Hollywood topics and just get into things I dig totally. One of my inspirations is Rock and Roll/Blues.

Jeff Healey (March 25, 1966 - March 2, 2008) is one of my fave artists. For all who don't know him, he is a jazz-blues-rock guitarist born and raised in Toronto, who gained fame in the 80s and 90s, and he became completely blind at 8 months of age due to a condition called retinoblastoma. Truly inspirational talent, and solid proof that true talent comes straight from the heart. RIP brother.

Nuff said, here's my fave song from him called See the Light...very "blues-y" tune (DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOUR AND WATCH THIS TO THE END TO WITNESS SOME OF THE BEST SHREDDING THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN/HEARD!):